High-quality speaker unit, steel structure bracket.

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    Ceiling speaker is suitable for all kinds of public places (e.g., shopping malls, classrooms, conference rooms, homes, etc.). The ceiling is designed to perfectly save space andmake the ceiling look beautiful.
    The speakers in this series have beautiful sound quality, excellentworkmanship and favorable price.

    Rated Power : 6W
    Rated Voltage : 70V-120V
    Case Material : PP Plastic
    Color : White
    Woofer Size : 6,25” 156mm
    Woofer Magnet : Φ70*10mm
    Woofer Cone : Dual Paper Cone
    Tweeter Dimension : Φ186*78mm
    Install Hole : Φ163mm
    Sensitivity : 89dB
    Frequency Response : 100Hz-15KHz


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